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£170 Per Person

Moderate Water Open Canoe Leader Assessment

The British Canoeing Moderate Water Open Canoe Leader Assesment (previously 4-star)

A friendly, progressive approach to assessing leaders in moderate water.

Two days on Moderate water working allowing candidates to lead real pupils in the conditions. Candidates are assessed in a professional way with insight for improvement.

Candidates for this course will develop their skills in preparation for the assessment to include:

– Effective and appropriate manoeuvring on class 2 and 3 water along with Open water

– Understanding of a variety of safety and leadership skills for class 2 water.

– Equipment needs and standards

– Rescue skills

– Incident management and 1st aid in a moderate water environment.

– Other general river and Open Water awareness skills and responsibilities.

We only use the most reputable of providers in the UK ensuring you that you will complete this course not only having a good and reputable result but also will have received quality and friendly coaching with an action plan to take you forward.

For more information please see the British Canoeing website:

Andy was so good as a guide and a teacher, not getting frustrated at all by my not understanding right and left etc!! He found a way to teach me that I could get. And I even enjoyed it after I capsized! How did that happen?! The canoeing was magical, very romantic 🙂 and exhilarating to go over the aqueduct too. Would recommend Ty Nant Outdoors to anyone.


The Details


£170 per individual

Incremental group discounts automatically given through booking system.


Moderate Water Leader trained (or 4*) in last 3 years,

Relevant Safety Training

2 day First Aid Award

16 years of age, or older

Home Nation Membership

Home Nation (LR) Course Registration

You Need:

Candidates are expected to provide all of their own personal and leadership equipment.


North Wales venues tbc due to conditions.

Can travel for groups (plus mileage costs).

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