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British Canoeing Coach Award – Assessment

The British Canoeing Coach Award Assessment for Inland Kayak and Canoe Disciplines.

Coaching Assessment

Ty Nant Outdoors offer Assessment dates in the following categories.

  • Sheltered Water Coach in Kayak and/or Canoe
  • Whitewater Kayak (moderate water class 2(3)
  • Open Water Canoe
  • Whitewater Canoe (moderate water

We can also, on request, organise an assessment for any of the other Coach Award disciplines on request.

We can run these assessments for individuals at a one to one rate or groups of 2 to 4 people

Assessment Day Structure

Assessed in a professional, relaxed, informative and dare we say fun way. This one-day assessment will observe 2 coaching sessions along with your effect group control and safety during the day. You will coach real pupils (we prefer you to bring your own) and will coach them in the upper end of the conditions specified in the specific assessment you are taking. Time will also be taken to work on and discuss your pre-course discussion task and chat with you about your E-Learning

Our Assessments are run by course directors with high standards ensuring quality fit for deployment.

The Coach award has a minimum of 1 and maximum of two candidates per assessor to ensure you get the time and attention to make sure you can show us what you need to show to achieve success. 

See assessment Guide: British Canoeing Coach Awards Course Guide

For more BC information about the coach award please also check out the british Canoeing website press this link:

Level 2 coach and Moderate water Endorsement Assessments:

The Coach Award Assessment Replaces the assessment for Moderate Water Endorsement and Level Two coach Assessments 

If you have been trained in in the pre-2018 L2 coach award or in the Moderate water Endocmenet systems  please follow this link:

Advice for Coaches Transfering to the Coach Awards (Sept 2017)


Registration (Allowing you to complete E-learning)

Home Nation Check-in. This free system allows a peace of mind check that you have the prerequisites in place- you will receive a confirmation to show us on the day.

First aid certificate recognised by the BCU- (1 day for sheltered water  & 2 days for moderate water.

Moderate Water Leader & WWSR ( or 4-star equivalents) as required for moderate water assessments.

Completed Coach Award Training Courses (Core and Discipline Specific or alternative pathway from old system) 

16 year and older (Will not be able to be an independent coach till 18 yrs)

Completed Coach Award Discussion Task.

Completed E-learning Course.

Logbook of experience 

Great kayaking and canoeing. Well run, safe, good fun.



It is assumed that all candidates will participate using their own appropriate equipment however if this is a problem please get in touch. We can provide equipment for all pupils.


This course can be run from several different locations in North Wales at advertised dates depending on the discipline you choose to be assessed on. We will work with you to choose a specific venue suitable for the given and forecasted conditions of the day.
Warning: if conditions on the day do not meet the appropriate standards we may need to rethink and/or reschedule.
We can also travel to suitable venues on different dates to suite a group booking.

The Details


£225 for individuals (1-day) min of 2 to run.

£250 One to one Assessment

(Can be run on date of your choice)


Full Home Nation Membership

(BC, SW, CI, CS)

Appropriate coaching age (16+ recommended)

Home Nation Check in / Registration (2 weeks before).

You Need:

Paddle sports equipment can be provided.

Bring your own equipment if preferred.

Paper and Pen Computer if required.

Lunch and refreshments.


This course can be run from several different locations in North Wales or at your suitable venue.

*Link here – British Canoeing Course Guide for more information

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