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Discover Whitewater

Whitewater kayaking in North Wales for all abilities.

Discover Whitewater

This session is fantastic, you could begin your day sitting in a kayak for one of the first times in your life, recap or learn some of the fundamental elements of the sport and later try some of these newfound skills out on a section of the river.

Alternatively, take your whitewater kayaking skills to the next level with some professional coaching.

Run a rapid and feel the current under your boat. There is no feeling that can equal that of paddling a section of river in a kayak. Rapid progression is guaranteed.

Ty Nant Outdoors will provide staff that are fully qualified and will ensure the utmost of safety standards while providing you with top-quality equipment.

No experience necessary! Individuals, small groups and families are welcome. This session is tailored to the group’s wants and needs.

Andy was a brilliant instructor, and he really put my nine year old at ease, as he knew that he had been nervous beforehand. My son was so proud of himself for the achievement. Andy showed him that he had confidence in him, and this really gave my son confidence in himself.

I can’t recommend this enough, it was a real highlight of our stay in Wales


The Details


Half Day:

£65 per person (minimum of 2)

One to one – £119

Full Day:

£120 per person (minimum of 2)

One to one – £199 full day.

More than one day can be arranged upon request.

Guest Req:

8yrs+ with Parent Or Legal Guardian & permissions, sense of adventure, able to swim, under 18 stone.


Sturdy closed-toe shoes, to get wet, a towel, use of a vehicle for shuttles may help.


Any day of the year!

Half days am – 09:30-12:30, pm – 13:30-16:30.

School day 09:30-14:00 (on request)

Full day 09:30-16:00

The Adventure Location

Typical Itinerary

0930 or maybe 1330 for Pm half day bookings meet at Mile end Mill in the Car Park

Like all good adventures meeting where we get on the water saves time. There are changing facilities here operated by a different company included in your cost the cost of Parking is included in your costs you will need to add your registrtaion number on a pad in reception.

Kit Up and Briefing (30 mins)

Wetsuits, Cags, Bouyancy aids, Helmets will be distributed to get changed. You will need a pair of old trainers that will get wet. We will then take some time to adjust your kayak to may it fit you perfectly to enable th best learning experience.

Kayaking Familierisation ( 30 mins or so)

Before we enter the rapids your qulified coach will teach you how to stay balanced and menouver your kayak in some calm waters and introduce you to some easy flow before trying you hand on some rapids.

Rapid Progression

Progression will be taileored to the group. We will coach you down the rapids at Mile end mill with the option to repeat them if we have time.

For Half day sessions – 1200 or 1600 – head back to the car park to get changed

All good adventures have to end at some point, We will return to the Carpark whee we got in, return equipment back to the trailer and share photos with you before saying good bye.

For Fullday sessions, River tour option.

By choosing a fullday option we can now home in your whitewater skills paddling and progress further. We have many options here and we will work with you to make the correct decisions for the day. Options can be to stay at Mile end Mill, Eating your packed lunch onsite or head into town for something. Many clients enjoy a journey and we can use the Llangollen canal after a short walk with our kayaks carrying our lunch in our boats and travel up the Valley to return to Mile end mill on a river tour. This is a classic tour and we have a few options to choose from with regards to abilities to wher we get on the river. we can eat luch onthis tour when we are ready.

Full day Tour finish times can vary bewteen 1500 and 1600.

All good adventures have to end at some point, We will return to the Carpark whee we got in, return equipment back to the trailer and share photos with you before saying good bye.

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